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Organizing Effective Compliance: On the Impact of Codes of Conduct, Whistle-Blowing, and Compliance Training on Effective Compliance, Dissertationsschrift Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, 2019 [Verfügbar hier]

  • Codes of conduct of German public-listed companies. Content, enforcement, and implementation
  • Effective, but not all the time: Experimental evidence on the effectiveness of a code of ethics' design (Peter Kotzian/Thomas Stöber/Barbara E. Weißenberger/Florian Hoos), Business and Society Review (2021), online first.
  • Design matters: on the impact of compliance program design on corporate ethics (design (Peter Kotzian/Thomas Stöber/Barbara E. Weißenberger), Business Research, Vol. 12 (2019), Nr. 2, S. 383-424.
  • Reducing Antitrust Violations: Do Codes of Conduct and Compliance Training Make a Difference? (Peter Kotzian/Thomas Stöber/Barbara E. Weißenberger), in: Paha, Johannes (Hg.): Competition Law Compliance Programs. An Interdisciplinary Approach, 2017, S. 59-86.
  • Culture follows design: Code design as an antecedent of the ethical culture (Thomas Stöber/ Peter Kotzian/Barbara E. Weißenberger), Business Ethics: A European Review, Vol. 28 (2019), Nr. 1, S. 112-128.
  • To be or not to be in the sample? On using manipulation checks in experimental accounting research (Peter Kotzian/Thomas Stöber/Barbara E. Weißenberger/Florian Hoos), Accounting Research Journal, Vol. 33 (2020), Nr. 3, S. 469-482.