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Ethics and Business: Empirical Analyses of Ethical Decision-Making in Business Dilemmas.

  • Ethical Dilemmas in Management Accounting Settings: What Drives Management Accountants’ Decision to Report Wrongdoings? (Tabea Franziska Hirth-Göbel/Barbara E. Weißenberger).
  • Management accountants and ethical dilemmas: How to promote ethical intention? (Tabea Franziska Hirth-Goebel/Barbara E. Weißenberger), in: Journal of Management Control, Vol. 30 (2019), Issue 3, S. 287-322.
  • Differences in Preferring an Ethical Solution: Do Certain Individual Characteristics Explain the Mystery of Ethical Decision-Making? (Tabea Franziska Hirth-Göbel/Barbara E. Weißenberger).
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